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The Description Of Super Player APK

Super player is a pixel shooting role-playing game composed of rich content, high-quality art and fantasy stories.
In the interstellar cruise, the super player team's spacecraft was attacked by meteorites. In order to find the materials needed to repair the spacecraft, the team landed on a strange planet, but was attacked by "monsters". What's even more amazing is that these monsters are just like the garbage on the earth. Can the super player team successfully return to earth? What is the origin of these garbage monsters? If the earth is in crisis, would you like to be a member of the "super player team", would you like to take up arms and defend your homeland?
The color tone of the game is dark, but the game characters and monsters all use fresh and bright colors to create a special feeling for the players. The image design of game characters and monsters is also unique. Players may come cross surprises from art designers in the game.
The world of super players consists of many regions, which has different theme. Players can bring weapons; equipment and supplies to explore the unknown world with other players. But rooms ‘type and arrangement are all random, and there may be secrets hidden in the room: monsters, traps, cliffs. There are also mysterious shops and treasure chests.
Besides, players can also fight in the game. The arena supports individual and team participation and will be ranked based on points. It is a mode of scrimmage. Four people in one map attack each other, and only one winner is left.


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What Is New

Improve basic functions.

More Information

Size : 56M
Version : 0.1.3
Developer : Krypton Foundation
Website : mailto:[email protected]
Min SDK : 4.4 and up
Date Published : 2020-05-23

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